Admissions Exam Registration

Academy Prep offers a fifth through eighth grade middle school program designed to help children who qualify for need-based scholarships to excel in their studies and develop the skills and confidence vital to compete and succeed as adults. Academy Prep classes are limited to 20 students. Students may only enter as fifth or sixth graders, thus ensuring that they have the full benefit of the program before graduating to college prep programs.


1. A student must pass (at least 60%) an Academy Prep admissions test covering grade level reading, vocabulary, spelling, and math.Click the image below to complete our inquiry form.


2. A student must have either a Step Up For Students (SUFS) or AAA Scholarship award (follow the links below to apply; there is no fee). Families who qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Price School Meals Program will also qualify for a SUFS scholarship.

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3. Only students who pass the Academy Prep admissions test will be mailed a school application.


4. Once a completed school application and student school record have been carefully review, you will be required to interview with the school counselor.  Students with the strongest potential will be invited to attend Academy Prep’s three week summer session.

Summer attendance (June 8-26, 2020) is mandatory for all Academy Prep students.  The summer session is an abbreviated version of the regular school session that combines academic study with indoor and outdoor recreation and educational activities.  The summer session affords new families the opportunity to “try out” the school and to fully understand the school’s expectations for its students.  Additionally, Academy Prep faculty and staff are looking to see that students show a desire to learn and to comport themselves in a manner that is respectful to their peers and their teachers. 


5. Students who excel academically and behaviorally during the summer will be invited to join the regular fall term that starts in August.

For more information, please contact Anita Reece, Admissions and Scholarships Coordinator, at (727) 322-0800 Ext. 2105 or