Corporate Sponsorship

Academy Prep’s Corporate Sponsors are able to uniquely connect the values and direction of their company with the mission of the school. Academy Prep works closely with its corporate sponsors to identify how a sponsorship will have direct impact on the challenges related to the students served and the community in which we all live.

Academy Prep provides a supportive environment which includes a rigorous academic program with high standards, an array of enrichment activities, caring and dedicated staff, a priority for family involvement, an emphasis on high social and ethical behavior, and continuous support to students as they go through to high school and college. Corporate involvement helps to identify the educational challenges in the community, provides an opportunity to set the agenda for change, and supports the excellence at Academy Prep. The return on investment is extraordinary.


Corporate Sponsorships are available through special events, scholarships, student activities, capital projects and program support. The following priority areas are opportunities for corporate support. 



Adopting 21st century technology in our classrooms and computer lab is essential for students to access the wide range of information available. Technology needs include: laptops, computers, and new software.

Campus Improvement Project

After 16 years, the campus is in need of major facility and ground improvements.  The beautification of the campus and the renovation of classrooms and buildings creates an environment in which students feel comfortable, motivated and proud. The community is also improved with a campus that sets a standard.

Supplemental Programming

In order to prepare students for a college prep curriculum and improve their academic achievement, intensive supplemental educational programs are essential.

Summer Session

A unique summer program is a component of our 11 month curriculum. All students attend this academically demanding session, balanced by a variety of enrichment activities.


Our enrichment classes reflect a wide range of interests and activities. The impact of these classes extends beyond the classroom and expands students’ world view and cultural experiences. Classes range from chess to athletics, arts, and social skills.

Scholarship – Adopt A Class

This type of  investment  impacts student achievement and provides job shadowing, internships, and summer employment opportunities for students, special class activities, annual class trips, and classroom resources.


For more information about Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg, please contact :

Lacey Nash Miller, Development Director, at 727-322-0800 ext. 2109 or by email at